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Cute Backpacks for Teens

Cute Backpacks for Teens

When choosing backpacks to feature on our list of favorites, we carefully considered quality as well as style. We know that it is important that a bag can't just look great- it has to be durable as well! Our list of Super Cute Backpacks for Teens contains a wide variety of styles that are all high quality and creatively designed.

cute backpacks for teens

Cute Backpacks for Teens- 2015's Favorites

cute backpacks for teens pink dots

Polka Dots & Bows Backpack

Dots and Bows Cute Backpack

This backpack is a great way to tote all your gear! The adorable design combined two pockets on the sides and a front pocket in addition to the main compartment.

cute backpacks for teens bunny rabbit style

Cute Backpack with Bunny Print

Bunny Rabbit Print Backpack for Teens

This bag has an overall bunny rabbit print which is unique without being too immature. Designed to be sturdy, this cute backpack is large enough to carry all of your school supplies, including a laptop!

polka dot cute backpack

Dots and Lace Cute Backpack

Polka Dots with Lace Backpack

The fun polka dot pattern is paired with colors that are a bit more grown-up to create this backpack that is perfect for teens!

cute backpacks for teens top pick

Fun Gumball Bubble Backpack

Cute and Colorful Backpack

For those who want a colorfully fun backpack, this gumball bubble backpack may be just the thing!

cute backpack for teens top picks cloud

Cute Cloud Print Backpack

Cute Backpack- Cloud Print

The all-over cloud design on this bag earned it a spot on our list of Cute Backpacks for Teens! It is made of canvas, and crafted to be durable and comfortable.

cute backpacks for teens quilted

Quilted Backpack with Bow Accent

Quilted and Cute Backpack

This quilted backpack is large enough to hold all your school supplies in style. The polka dotted bow accent is the perfect touch!

cute bows backpack for teens

Small Bows Cute Backpack for Teens

Sturdy Backpack with a Dash of Cute!

This canvas backpack has striped accents in addition to being embellished with small bows. We love this style- it is just right for teens!

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