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Cute Nail Art Designs- Free Tutorials

Learn how to create cute nail art designs by following these free tutorials! Our favorites combine adorable themes with clear step-by-step instructions, and include all sorts of designs. We found DIY nail art based on sweet treats such as ice cream and cupcakes, manicures that incorporate kawaii animals including puppies and bunnies, and many other nail art designs that you can create yourself! You will be surprised at how quick and easy it can be to paint the cutest nails you’ve ever seen!
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Our Favorite Cute Nail Art Tutorials

updated Feb. 29, 2016

Kawaii Hello Kitty French Manicure

This video nail art tutorial demonstrates how to paint nails with a Hello Kitty french manicure design

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Gummy Bears- Cute Nail Art Tutorial

We love these creative and colorful gummy bear nails! Check out the video to learn how to make them yourself!

Owl Nail Designs

This great video tutorial will guide you through the steps to create cute owl themed nail art!

Watermelon Cute Nail Art Tutorial

Follow along as the pictures show step-by-step how to paint your nails with this fun watermelon design

Easy Ice Cream Themed Nail Art Tutorial

This is a playful design that is easy to do yourself!

Simple and Sweet Cupcake Nails

Who knew it could be so easy to create cupcake nail art?

Apples- Easy Nail Art Designs

This tutorial demonstrates step-by-step, with pictures, how to create this cute nail art.

Cute Nail Art Tutorial for Rainbow Drop Design

This nail art is so colorful and cheerful! The instructions explain the technique in a way that makes it possible for even a beginner to create this design.

Cherry Nail Art Design Tutorial

You can create beautiful cherry print nail art yourself by following the steps in these instructions which include pictures of each step.

Puppy Dog Nail Art Tutorial

Follow along with this video tutorial to create super cute puppy dog themed nail designs!

Bunnies- Cute and Easy Nail Designs

This nail art tutorial shows step-by-step how to create the most adorable bunny rabbit nails!

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