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Cute Pencil Sharpener

Cute Pencil Sharpener Round-Up!

Add a bit of fun to your day with a cute pencil sharpener! These are functional for school, home or office, and will bring a smile to your face every time you sharpen a pencil! A few of these are electric, and others are manual style. We love the unique look of the cute pencil sharpeners on our list of top picks, so many adorable versions make it hard to pick a single favorite!
cute pencil sharpener  

Cute Pencil Sharpener Top Picks for 2016

updated Aug. 19, 2016

cute chipmunk pencil sharpener

Chipmunk Pencil Sharpener

Shiny and Sweet Chipmunk Pencil Sharpener

This stainless steel pencil sharpener is cute without being over the top!  This high quality desk accessory will make you smile every time it is used!

cute soda pencil sharpener

Pink Soda Can Pencil Sharpener

Kawaii Soda Can Pencil Sharpener

Could there be a cuter way to sharpen a pencil?  

kawaii pencil sharpener robot

Cute Robot Pencil Sharpener

Wood Robot- Super Cute Pencil Sharpener

This unique pencil sharpener is made from beech wood.  It is crafted to be durable as well as adorable!

cute pencil sharpener strawberry

Strawberry Shaped Sharpener

Strawberry Shaped Cute Pencil Sharpener

This functional desk accessory will add a pop of color to any workspace!  

owl cute pencil sharpener

Cute Owl Pencil Sharpener

Irresistible Owl Pencil Sharpener

It doesn't get much cuter than this owl sharpener!  Battery powered and portable, this desk essential is designed to last. 

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