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Our Most Wanted Handbags

Don't you love these fun handbags?  Some of these purses are colorfully playful, while others are just a little more subtle!  Who knew there were so many different styles of cute? The Kawaii Lolita Panda handbag is cute in a very stand-out way, while the Hello Kitty satchel is a bit toned down while still being adorable.  There is a hand-painted canvas handbag made by Your Gallery that has an artistic look to it. The big eyed cat purse from Hoxis and the abstract panda bear purse from Jollychic both have a bolder, more minimalistic look.  Jollychic makes some really precious items- the round pink bag with the small bow on it is also from their collection. 

Hello Kitty Satchel


Banned Kawaii Lolita Panda Handbag

Mellow World Black and White Crossbody Handbag

Your Gallery Colorful Hand Painted Roomy Art Canvas Shoulder Bag Purse

VonFon Female Bag Work Place Korean Bow Retro Shoulder

Jollychic Women's Small Vintage Round Bowknot Bag

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