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Hello Kitty Alarm Clock

Hello Kitty Alarm Clock Favorites

Our ideal Hello Kitty alarm clock would be a fun and functional addition to a bedroom.  Quality is important- the clock can't just look cute- it has to do its job and be reliable!  It should be easy to use, and include the essential features that one expects in an alarm clock.  Our recommendations below all fit our criteria quite nicely, and any of them would be an excellent choice!
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Hello Kitty Alarm Clocks- Top Picks for 2015

updated September 16, 2015

hello kitty alarm clockHello Kitty Alarm Clock Radio

Hello Kitty Projection Alarm Clock

This Hello Kitty alarm clock has a projection feature that can display the time on the wall or ceiling!  It has an AM/FM radio that you can preset to 20 different stations.  You can choose to wake up to either the alarm or to the radio, and the radio can be set to automatically turn itself off at night after you fall asleep.  A handy battery back up feature is included, which keeps your settings from being erased during a power outage.

Hello Kitty Alarm Clock Radio

This sweet Hello Kitty alarm clock is functional as well as cute!  This digital clock can be set to wake you up with either an alarm or with a radio station of your choice.  Not ready to get up quite yet?  Hit the snooze button to give you a few more minutes!  This alarm clock does include a battery back-up feature.

hello kitty alarm clock radioHello Kitty Alarm Clock Radio

hello kitty alarm clock cuteHello Kitty Alarm Clock with Night Light

Hello Kitty Alarm Clock and Night Light in One

This Hello Kitty alarm clock combines the function of a regular alarm clock with a night light!  The night light easily switches on and off, so it is only lit when you want it to be.  Designed to be super cute, it also has the features you want, including a snooze button, battery back up,  and the choice of waking up to either an alarm or to the radio. 

Adorably Designed Teacup Alarm Clock

This super cute alarm clock featuring Hello Kitty is made to look like a teacup, and it even has a lemon slice that functions as an optional nightlight!   In addition to the alarm, this clock features a sleep timer, battery backup, snooze button and more!

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Hello Kitty Teacup Alarm Clock

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