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Hello Kitty Room Decor

Hello Kitty Room Decor- Cutest Favorites

Adding some Hello Kitty room decor is a surefire way to add a splash of cuteness to any room! Our collection of newest favorites includes all sorts of products, including bedding, lighting and much more. If you are looking for ideas for decor to uniquely decorate with a Hello Kitty theme, you have come to the right place!

hello kitty room decor

Hello Kitty Room Decor- 2015's Cutest Favorites

hello kitty twin bed

Hello Kitty Twin Bed

Hello Kitty Twin Sized Bed

A Hello Kitty bed is the ultimate Hello Kitty accent for a bedroom!

hello kitty room decor

Hello Kitty Dresser Storage

Hello Room Decor with Storage

Keep clutter under control by stashing small items in this cute Hello Kitty storage box!

hello kitty room decor curtains

Hello Kitty Window Curtains

Dress Up Bedroom Windows with Adorable Curtains!

These curtains are functional Hello Kitty room decor that are simply adorable! Bold pink color accented with big polka dots make this design a top favorite!


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hello kitty room decor lamp

Hello Kitty Pendant Lamp

Hello Kitty Hanging Pendant Lamp

We love the look of this hanging pendant lamp! This easy to hang light is a wonderful piece of Hello Kitty room decor!


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hello kitty room decor wall decals

Hello Kitty Room Decor- Wall Decals

Inexpensive Room Decor with a Big Impact

Wall decals can be an inexpensive way to decorate a room! This set of Hello Kitty wall decals made our list of favorites due to the bright stars and hearts design.


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hello kitty bedding cute room decor

Bedding Set- Super Cute!

Beautifully Designed Bedding Set

No Hello Kitty themed room is complete without a coordinating bedding set! One of the prettiest sets we have seen, this includes a duvet cover, a flat sheet, a pillowcase and a cushion cover.


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