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Hello Kitty Toasters

hello kitty toaster reviews

A Hello Kitty toaster can be a fun and functional addition to any kitchen! These toasters are not toys- they are high quality kitchen appliances that are made to work well. The adorable theming is an added bonus that any Hello Kitty fan will love!


updated Feb. 14, 2016

Hello Kitty Toaster- 2 Slice

Even plain toast can be cute when you use this Hello Kitty toaster!  This is a real toaster- not a toy.  It is made of high quality materials and performs well- what makes this toaster special is that each slice of toast comes out with Hello Kitty's face on it!  This is a functional and fun kitchen appliance that is perfect for any Hello Kitty fan.  This Hello Kitty toaster is made with extra wide slots which can easily accommodate bagel and is adjustable so your toast comes out just how you prefer. 

hello kitty toasterHello Kitty Two-Slice Toaster

hello kitty toaster japanHello Kitty Pop Up Toaster

Hello Kitty Pop-Up Toaster

If you are looking for a Hello Kitty toaster, another option is this high quality pop-up toaster which is sold primarily in Japan.  It is possible to order this product for delivery to the United States, and it would be a nice addition to a Hello Kitty themed kitchen.  The design is a bit more subtle than the model above, which some people may find fits their style better.  This toaster does produce an image of Hello Kitty on each slice of toast, and the wide slots can hold thick cut breads and bagels. 

hello kitty pink toasterHello Kitty Pink and White Toaster

Hello Kitty Toaster- Pink and White

This two slice toaster leaves an image of Hello Kitty on your toasted bread just like the one above.  This one is designed with bright pink sides and a cute graphic- a cheerful and fun addition to your kitchen!

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