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Japanese Kit Kat Bars- So Many Flavors!

Japanese Kit Kat Bars- So Many Flavors!

japanese kit kat bars

     Kit Kat bars are wildly popular in Japan, where they come in a large assortment of flavors.  The name "Kit Kat" sounds a lot like the Japanese phrase "Kitto Katsu" which means "Good Luck", and this contributes towards the candy's high sales as it is common to give someone a bar to wish them well. 

     Some of the varieties of Kit Kats that Nestle produces include flavors that Americans do not normally associate with candy, such as green tea and red bean paste.  There are quite a few fruit flavored Kit Kats, including raspberry and strawberry.  In most of these varieties, the base of the candy is white chocolate to allow the fruit flavors to stand on their own, although the Shunshu Apple version is made with milk chocolate. 

     One unique combination is found in the Wasabi variety- the heat of wasabi is paired with sweet white chocolate.  In Japan, the Azuki bean is commonly used as an ingredient in desserts, so it is not a surprise to see the Azuki Bean Kit Kat that combines the beans' nutty flavor with white chocolate. 

Made to appeal to adults, the Otona No Amasa version is made with darker, less sweet chocolate.  Similar, but not identical to, the Dark Chocolate Kit Kat that Americans are familiar with. 

Japanese Kit Kat Candy Bars

updated May 28, 2015

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