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Toilet Paper Holders

cute toilet paper holders

There is no need to have a roll of toilet paper in full view when you can stash it in one of these cute toilet paper holders! Our top picks include a range of types and styles- any one of these would make a terrific addition to a bathroom! We found a variety themed with kawaii animals, such as a cute kitty cat, a green hummingbird and a brown teddy bear. Other unique toilet paper holders that we love include a kawaii house, a tree stump and a sunny yellow box holder with a big smile!

Toilet Paper Holders

  • Cute Smile Toilet Paper Tissue Case Box

  • Toilet paper holder - Karl Karl - (. INTERFORM INC) interchange form FL-7286 (japan import)

  • Toilet paper holder - Humming Bird Humming Bird - (. INTERFORM INC) interchange form FL-7762 (japan import)

  • Paper holder cover washable Oka Disney Honey (japan import)

  • Squirrel Stump Tissue Box Novelty Toilet Paper Box Environmental Health (Yellow)

  • Cute Cartoon Plush Paper Pot Toilet Paper and Tissue Paper Holder (Bear)

  • Top row (left-right) Cute Smile Yellow Unique Toilet Paper Holder;  Colorful Kawaii Cat Toilet Paper Roll Holder; Green Hummingbirds with Trees;  Disney Winnie the Pooh Toilet Paper Roll Cover

    Bottom row (left-right) Unique Toilet Paper Holder shaped like a House; Squirrel on a tree stump toilet paper cover; Adorable Toilet Paper Cover- Blue and White; Kawaii Bear Toilet Paper Holder

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