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Plush Backpacks- Unique and Cuddly

Plush Backpacks- Unique and Cuddly Favorites

These cute plush backpacks combine the charm of a stuffed animal with the functionality of a backpack. These are all crafted of quality materials, and designed for durability as well as appearance. Our favorite plush backpacks include a unique variety of styles that we find totally irresistable!

plush backpacks

Plush Backpacks- Top Favorites for 2015

plush backpack bunny rabbit

Lop-Eared Bunny Plush Backpack

Sweet as Can Be Bunny Rabbit Plush Bag

Made by Atolo, this bunny rabbit plush backpack earns high marks for its quality and cute design. What an adorable way to carry the daily essentials!

plush tiger backpack

Tiger Head Backpack

White Plush Tiger Backpack

This bag will definitely stand out in a crowd! This large backpack has a zipper closure in the back.

plush panda backpack

Panda Bear Plush Backpack

Large and Roomy Panda Bear Plush Backpack

The interior of this bag is big enough to carry all your gear! Super cute and soft!

plush ice cream backpack

Ice Cream Sandwich Backpack

Ice Cream Sandwich Backpack

This adorably fun backpack was made by Kidrobot. The creative design includes functional features such as a zip-top and adjustable straps.

my little pony plush backpack

My Little Pony Plush Backpack

My Little Pony Hug Me Backpack

When this soft plush backpack is worn, it looks like the pony is giving a hug! This bag has a small compartment for stashing the essentials.

hamster plush backpack

Super Cute Hamster Backpack

Hamster Plush Backpack

This soft and cuddly bag is one of our very favorites! It has two zipper compartments to store items.

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