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Polymer Clay Tutorials- Kitty Cats

polymer clay tutorials kitty cats

Do you want to learn how to make kitty cat charms from polymer clay?  These 8 free polymer clay tutorials demonstrate how to create your own polymer charms of assorted kitty cats!  You will find instructions for all different sorts of kitty cat charms- from easy-to-follow directions for polymer clay charms that are perfect for beginners, to more detailed tutorials, including a cat with angel wings and a cat with a fish! These are all easy to create, thanks to the step-by-step instructions from start to finish.

updated October 7, 2016

       Polymer Clay Tutorials- Kitty Cats


Clay Siamese Cat Video Tutorial

Follow along with this video to make a cute Siamese clay kitty cat!

Polymer Clay Kitty Cat

This tutorial uses pictures along with descriptions to explain how to create a polymer clay kitty cat.

Make a Polymer Clay Charm

Isn't this cat with a fish charm cute? You can make one, too, following these instructions!

Polymer Clay Tutorial

Make a kitty cat charm by following this tutorial!

Make a Polymer Clay Kitten!

Watch this video tutorial to see how to create an adorable clay kitten!

Angel Cat Polymer Clay Tutorial

This kitty cat with angel wings is adorable! You can make one by following this easy picture tutorial!

Polymer Clay Tutorial- Cat Charm

So cute! This polymer clay tutorial uses pictures to show how to make this cute cat charm!

Cat with Bow Polymer Clay Tutorial

Learn how to make this adorable polymer clay cat charm!

Polymer Clay Cat Tutorial- Pusheen Charm

This video tutorial shows how to make a polymer clay Pusheen cat charm

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