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Sanrio My Melody Bags and Purses

My Melody Bags and Purses from Sanrio

Since her first appearance in 1975, Sanrio's "My Melody" character has been a consistently popular part of the Hello Kitty line. To this day, My Melody's undeniable cuteness appeals to people of all ages.  This featured collection is of the best currently available handbags and purses featuring My Melody. There are many different types of My Melody bags available, in styles to suit every purpose!  From a casual canvas leopard-print drawstring backpack, to a more structured tote bag that has a large bow to a small soft My Melody purse that has ears!  The shoulder bag that can be worn two ways, with a longer shoulder strap or just the handle, is especially versatile, The canvas My Melody lunch tote bag is one of our favorites because it has a nice message on it reminding you to take time for yourself!
sanrio my melody bags and purses

My Melody Bags- 2016's Best

updated Feb. 15, 2016


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