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Sushi Pillow Plush- Our Favorites

Sushi Pillow Plush- Kawaii Favorites

These kawaii sushi pillow plush and cushions make cute and comfy room decor accents! You can find a sushi pillow available in just about any size you want, from very small to giant floor cushions! Our favorites all combine adorable design with quality materials- they are perfect for snuggling!

sushi pillow plush kawaii

Kawaii Sushi Pillow Plush and Cushions- 2015's Top Picks

updated September 8, 2015

kawaii sushi cushion round

Round Sushi Cushion

Kawaii Round Sushi Cushion

The bright colors of this round cushion really stand out! This pillow measures 13.7 inches in diameter.

giant egg sushi pillow plush

Giant Egg Sushi Pillow

Giant Egg Sushi Plush Pillow

This high quality and super-soft pillow measures 24 inches by 28 inches by 20 inches. Adorable!

sushi plush puffer

Small Puffer Sushi Plush

Small and Cute Puffer Sushi Plush

Isn't this puffer plush the cutest? It is made from high quality materials, and measures about 6 inches.

large shrimp sushi pillow cushion

Large Shrimp Sushi Pillow

Kawaii Sushi Pillow Plush- Shrimp

This kawaii pillow plush is one of our top favorite designs! It is large, measuring 28 inches by 19 inches. An adorable room accent that is functional as well!

pink mackerel cute sushi pillow plush

Pink and White Kawaii Sushi Plush

Kawaii Mackerel Sushi Plush

This pink and white sushi pillow is made even cuter by the addition of a pink bow! This plush measures 9.8 inches by 11.8 inches by 9.8 inches.

cucumber sushi plush cute

Cucumber Sushi Plush

Cute Cucumber Sushi Stuffed Plush

Definitely an adorable addition to any kawaii plush collection! This small stuffed sushi measures about 6 inches in length.

large cucumber salmon sushi cushion

Large Cucumber and Salmon Sushi Cushion

Cucumber with Salmon Roe Large Sushi Cushion

This cucumber sushi cushion comes with a detachable roe accent! Measuring 24 inches in diameter, this large pillow functions well as an ottoman or a place to sit.

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