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The Best Easy DIY Wall Art Projects

This collection of free tutorials and instructions are all for easy DIY wall art projects that will brighten up your room quickly! Wall art can have a big impact on a room’s appearance! These cute projects are simple to complete with results that will look great!
easy diy wall art projects

Cute and Easy DIY Wall Art Projects- Our Top Picks

updated August 19, 2016

Super Cute Ice Cream String Art Tutorial

Customize the colors to match the decor perfectly! This DIY easy wall art tutorial includes a printable template along with the clear instructions.

Cheerful Clouds and Rain Easy Wall Art Project

Make the raindrops in colors that will coordinate with your room decor!

Colorful and Quick Wall Art

This free tutorial explains how to make this cute paper heart wall decoration!

Decorate with Hearts- Free Tutorial

These DIY wall art hearts are easy to make, and they look great!

Tissue Paper Flowers- Easy DIY Wall Art Project

This tutorial shows how you can quickly and easily decorate a wall with flowers made of tissue paper. A fast and inexpensive way to brighten up a room!

Butterfly Wall Art DIY

This tutorial includes a printable template, making this project super simple!

Cute Rainbow Hearts - Tutorial

Fill up your empty wall with rows of colorful hearts with this easy DIY wall art project

Easy Wall Art Project- Washi Tape Dots

In no time at all, you can decorate a wall with colorful dots! This DIY wall art tutorial shows the exact steps to follow!

Cute Donut Bulletin Board DIY Project

This tutorial shows you how to make these cute donut bulletin boards to hang on your wall. The instructions even include making the push-pin sprinkles! This wall art project is easier than you would guess, and the final result is adorable and functional!

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